Coding in assembly using mbed

Did you know what assembly is supported by mbed? While assembly is not exactly developer friendly, it allows for some magical things!

Here is a good example

That looks easy. I like the delay_region of the assembly source code file
135 lines of ‘nop’ instruction (out of 224 total lines) ;D

@ Gus - I have just realized how much we are used to NETMF. It is actually assembler not assembly ;D

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@ Architect - Technically the correct terminology is Assembly. The language is Assembly language and the tool to convert that to machine code is an Assembler. Though it is common to say Assembler, it is not 100% accurate.

When I started my career many moons ago the “old timers” I worked with would kick my a… if I said “we program in Assembler”, ah fond memories… I often needed the weekend just to rebuild me self-esteem after a week working with those guys.

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Thanks for clarification ;D