CodeStock Top 20 Sessions

The top 20 sessions for CodeStock 2012 were just announced. NETMF ranks #1! It happens to be a netduino he’s using but we all benefit :slight_smile:

I had planned to submit a session but talked myself out of it. Regretting that now. I did submit one for DevLink. Still waiting for the session announcements for that one.

@ ian

There’ll be lots of Gadgeteer stuff going on at MADExpo this year:

Pete and I will both be cooking up some fun demos, and I’m certainly hoping that Architect will be there since it’s in his backyard… :slight_smile:

Just sayin…you might want to be there.

@ devhammer - I really want to be there and tried to figure out a way to work the logistics but I just don’t think I can work it out this year with it being the week before DevLink. It looks like an awesome conference though and a great opportunity to meet so many people from the NETMF community. Hopefully next year :slight_smile:

I will be there as attendee, will take whole team with me. Looking forward to meet you guys there in person!

I’m still working my manager to get my employer to pay for the conference. We’ll see…

@ Architect & @ ransomhall

Just remember…there’s a special rule for TinyCLR members who want to come to MADExpo…you have to bring a cool project to show off in our demo room, or Pete and I will be very put out. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, we’d love to see as many Gadgeteers (and FEZzers) as can make it. It’ll be a blast, that much you can be sure of.

Someone really ought to do a NETMF/Gadgeteer session at VSLive! too. Gus would’ve done an awesome job there, I’m sure.

I am planning to be there but not sure what the plan is yet.