Codeshare: sort according latest codes

Dear microNET Community !

1., My suggestion related to easier got infos about NEW (latest added) codeshares.

So, It should be very usefull and comfortable to sort codeshares according date of adding.
Another solution -for same functionality- to get RSS about new codeshares.

2., Again: generally speaking it’s should be a big step forward to enhance the forum search usability !
(please, use AND between search keywords and not OR -as actually. pls.pls.pls.pls^ BiggestDouble64)

Have nice day !

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Hi Peter,

+1 on AND instead of OR ! :slight_smile:

The “new” list is always there, always in date sorted order. Scroll back as far as you like… Yep, something like an RSS feed might help, but recently I’ve just been using as my landing point which has a set of great new features that highlight new stuff.

There is an RSS feed button on the main page ( for most of the sections: Community Showcase, Last 3 Codeshare Entries, GHI Electronic news, Last 10 unanswered questions, and Last 10 liked posts