Codeshare migration issue

Old code project called BlinkM Command Wrapper… just went to take a peek and found there is no downloadable code. Get a ‘cannot open file’ when attempting to open the zip. The example code does display. Whazzup wid dat?

[edit] Same goes for ‘ feed retrieval’ code. Seems if there is a zip file, it does not work. If there isn’t a zip file, the code displays - two of my other submissions do work.

Changing your BlinkM entry’s project size to “snippet” fixed the issue. It was inappropriately categorized. You may want to try switching your other entries if they have issues.

Thanks, but I can’t find anyplace to change it from a zip file to a snippet. Care to enlighten?


When modifying an entry you can now change the Size of the code.

Works. Thanks Josh.

Having Issues? Ha!