Codeshare Menu and Share Program

I thought there was a place to comment about the ‘NEW’ Forum changes

In Codeshare the menu items Tags and My Submissions cannot be selected. Menu goes away if you mouse past Submit Code

At least for me a few minutes ago.

EDIT: Adding

I tried to upload a application for Fez Spider and a Kindle android using speech.
Somewhere along the line some of the files were missing from the Kindle application source code.

I tried to upload twice and had to delete the post each time because of missing code files.

Maybe they seem to be missing in the viewer but they should be in the zip file if you download it. Correct? If you tell us what is the path then we can see what we can do to help.

@ Gus -

Sir… You are correct!

Everything is there if I download the Zip. I never thought of downloading and taking a look.
I was just browsing…

Thank You