Codeshare comments issues/bugs

Couple of issues:

  1. Right after I create a comment (press create button) it goes to an error page. The comment is created, but you have to naviagate back to the comments tab.
  2. Comments edit box doesn’t behave very well. It is slow. Typed a sentence, then clicked in the middle to fix a typo - it took awhile before I was able to type again.

Can you post a screen shot. There also isn’t anything that should slow down commenting. What browser are you having these issues with?

IE9 (clean, no add-ins or anything like that)

Edit box is random,but I have experienced it twice on two different comments. Not a big deal, but I thought I would mentioned it.
Just tried to add a comment to one of my submissions. Got this right after I have pressed “Create Comment” button:

I have the same on Chrome

This has been resolved.


Thanks Josh!

Great response time as always!


One more thing/request.

It would be nice to notify the author of a codeshare submission via e-mail when somebody leaves a comment.

Low priority :wink:

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I pointed this out 30 minutes ago :slight_smile:

I want to see this on forum like we did before so you get all forum features.

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I have no doubts about it. :slight_smile: