CoderFaire 2013

“Joe” put on quite a show for a packed house today at CoderFaire. He got an applause every time he did something new. The nerds were diggin’ the Gadgeteerin’! Tomorrow we have a hack day all day. I can’t wait to see what we come up with. Stay tuned…

I’ll put together another video of all of Joe’s capabilities next week once I’ve recovered from this weekend.


well done !

I was just notified that my proposal to give an introduction to .net MF and gadgeteering at the MS 2013 code camp in NYC in September has been accepted. I will have a problem coming up with something as good as joe. :slight_smile:


Thanks. And good luck! I wish I could come see your presentation. Good NETMF demos aren’t that hard to come up with. I’ve been through several of these presentations over the past couple years with three major overhauls of the presentation.

The first being very informative technically and tried to cover everything… The second focused more on Gadgeteer but still included quite a bit of technical detail.

Joe was the best so far. It was all demos and when I was waiting for VS to deploy, I would fill in with some technical details and/or history. This was the first time that I really felt like I never lost the crowd. Well, except for the very first slide when I was telling them about me :wink: I highly recommend this approach.

The technical details are great to know eventually. But, its really best to just inspire new people and give them just enough confidence to go get a kit and try it out. There’s plenty of time to learn the details later.

Here are my slide decks. Feel free to steal anything you want.

Also, this was the first presentation in a long time where nothing went wrong. I think the 4.2 SDK may finally be in a good place :slight_smile:


@ ianlee74 - thanks!

I saw a few slides which I will “steal” :slight_smile:

We had a hack day today at CoderFaire. I had a table full of new Gadgeteer junkies and we took 3rd prize overall and won top prize from Mashery for best implementation of their APIs.

We added a webserver to Joe and give him an API where people could do Rotten Tomatoes movie queries client-side through a public website that would retrieve the critic & public ratings and send those to Joe for him to react to. It was quite a hit. Still needs a bit of cleanup before it’s publishable but not bad at all for 6.5 hrs of work.

EDIT: Picture fixed.

The image is upside down.

Yea. But I swear the source isn’t that way. It got that way during transport from Chrome to GHI. It also seems to have happened going to Twitter. What’s really weird is that I tweeted the same image twice. The first one looks right. The next one was upside down. Hope I don’t have some weird virus.

@ ianlee74 - I think Joe might be in better shape than I am

“Joe” is awesome. Very cute and creative Ian. Well done.

@ ianlee74 - Are you posting from down under? :slight_smile:

LOL! My toilet water has been running backwards also… :wink:

I fixed it this morning. Apparently, Windows thinks its doing me a favor and will automatically fix my thumbnail images if it thinks the image is upside down. This must be a universal service. It was happening in the original GMail email, Windows Explorer, and I even opened it in Paint on my home computer and they were all upside down. Got to work and opened it in Paint.NET this morning and it showed upside down and I flipped it. The image is stored in a SkyDrive folder. Perhaps that had something to do with it?