Code tags in your post

Whenever submitting code, you need to tag the code properly so it is easy to read. This is done using the backtick (`), which is the on the key on the left of the “1” key.

You will need three of them before code and three after code. This is standard markdown notation.


And then it will look like this.

// Your code goes here!

Good to know. I fixed my previous post (Error registering event if more than 2 events), but adding ~~~ at the end did not close the code block.

@px1 you need ` and not ~

Got it :slight_smile:

Slight confusion is understandable here,

your text says:

But the image says ```

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your backtick looks strange :stuck_out_tongue:

what keyboard are you using?
on the left of my “1” key is not what you seems to have :thinking:

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I think he is using a US international layout QWERTY, just like us dutchies.

Are you austrians using QWERTZ or AZERTY?

QWERTZ :slight_smile:


haha!!! :smiley: