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Code Exchange is in planning


First, thanks to the users who suggested the code snippet place on this website. We have approved this feature and we are planing and making it happen very soon. We are calling this “Code Exchange”

So what is the plan? We are having internal meeting about this and then we will have a preliminary page showing the code exchange layout…maybe call it Codex? (I said OBEX but some guys didn’t like it:( )

Later, maybe in couple days, we will have a public web/phone meeting to discuss this feature and show what we have so far. Of course, only experienced users are invited to the meeting. I bet Chris will crash the party again :slight_smile:

…stay tuned… 8)


I would love to join, I hope this will be planned before Saturday, because from Saturday I will be away for 8 days, work in Germany, again… ::slight_smile:


Any more details on this yet?


Would like to know this too :slight_smile:


What time works best for everyone tomorrow?


This should be 1PM EST to give time…that is early AM in California but evening in Europe. This will give the opportunity for everyone to join in globally.

As always the meeting is only open to users level FEZ Minor or higher. No newbies please :slight_smile:


I am available at 1PM edst tomorrow


I will try to be there, but I’m off with the girlfriend tomorrow, so I cannot guarantee. :-[


Are you guys aiming at something like where you have a project page with full source and issue tracker and such. Or something like which is more article orientated. Or perhaps an advanced version of a pastebin? :slight_smile:

PS. Lookie what the mailman brought me!


no source control. there are already websites that do that so why do it


More along the lines of an advanced pastebin. Not nearly as complex as codeplex. We’re aiming for something in between those that is dedicated specifically to C# NETMF code.


Like this kind of website?


Yes this is close to what we are doing.


If anyone is interested in joining the meeting then let me know so I can email you the link for the meeting.


Close, but better of course. Be sure to tune into the meeting to bet a better idea and to chime in.


Whilst that time would normally have been great for me (I’m UK based) - tomorrow I have a business evening that I can’t reschedule :frowning:

Will you provide a summary on here?




3am Sydney time. I’ll have to Pass. :frowning:


Great to hear this feature is going forward.


Will you join idodds?