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Code "Driver — KS0108 GLCD DRIVER WITH 3D " : what hardware?


Hi friends,

please, what hardware was used in example: “Driver — KS0108 GLCD DRIVER WITH 3D
”, link:

and how can i generate the 3d images ?




It has RLP and SD. Panda II or Domino.


That source code is using a straight parallel connection so there is no extra hardware other than the GLCD and 10k potentiometer for contrast.

The 3d model data was created from an OBJ file by extracting just the vertex data. A free program like Wings3D can be used to create models and save as OBJ. The actual 3d methods are the same as OpenGL or DirectX.


ok, may run on panda ?



I used a Mini so the Panda is the same thing just with more ports available.

This is the source for a more advanced example used for a Battlezone type game so there is a proper projection view setup. The RLP for this one is using a shift register for the data port.


This is cool. Do you mind if I reused this code?


That’s no problem. I never posted it before because it’s not really cleaned up or documented.

All those functions are a simplified version of my C++ code which can be seen here: