CODE attachments

Gus. Can you add more than one attachment to a code file? I notice that you don’t encourage zip files. I have interfaced a number of ic’s that might be of use to some fez users but they would not be useful without the schematics and data sheets to support them. I notice that quite a few of the code entries don’t have reference to the part used.

Why not zip all the zip files into a zip file? We really like the idea of having visible code so everyone can see it right on the website and learn from it or use it easily. The attachment feature is only added in case it is really needed.

I understand why you would want the transparency of individual files. I just wondered if you could add more than one attachment, like say a device pdf, and an eagle schematic, and a breadboard picture?

in that scenario, I’d suggest that you put the code on and document the overall project in the that can refer to all the ancillary information.

Thanks Brett. I guess that will work. I thought it would be FeZier if everything could be found in on place.