CobraIII and cellular


My application requires the CobraIII to receive and send short text messages (SMS) as if it were a cellphone.

[ol]What product is recommended to add to the CobraIII for this end, and how to connect it? I know there’s a cellular product for gadgeteer (I used it in the past with the Hydra). I prefer a non-gadgeteer product.
I’d appreciate a code sample for receiving and sending SMS. Did not find any in the manuals.[/ol]

One of the many Arduino Cellular shields should work and you could port the Cellular Driver to use them.

Stick with a SIM900 based module unless your region does not support quad band as this is well known to work with the driver.

Thanks a lot.
I’d appreciate if you’d show hot to “port the driver” and refer me to a code sample.

Look in Codeshare as I posted a Non Gadgeteer version of the library and it should work with minimal effort.

How about physical connection to the CobraIII ?

Plug it in. The Cobra 3 has Arduino headers. The com port is same place as Arduino.

Thanks a lot.
still looking for a sim900 arduino-ish board and your code sample.

Have you tried Google search. :whistle:

I found this.

And for code it’s near the top of the list just now when you go to Codeshare. :slight_smile: