Cobra LCD demo--chipworks?

I downloaded the LCD demo for cobra:

but trying to compile gives me an an error about some real time colock function is no good & several other errors due to chipworkx devices…what gives?

is this demo program for the Cobra board?


Error 6 The name ‘ChipworkX’ does not exist in the current context S:\CODE\GHIGraphicalDemo\Drivers\VS1053.cs 133 36 GHIGraphicalDemo

Warning 2 ‘GHIElectronics.NETMF.Hardware.RealTimeClock.IsTimeValid’ is obsolete: ‘This property, in certain situations, does not perform as expected. It is no longer supported and always returns false. Please see RealTimeClock class for alternatives.’

You are trying to build an application written for an old version of the SDK. The bottom of the download page shows you both Wiki pages that refer to that file. If you go to with of those pages you will notice that there is a new version for NETMG 4.1.

Went to the given link…

The file does run, but at first gives some errors regarding chipworx, then the touchscreen cal does not seem correct (7" screen in use)–pushing the icons gives the wrong function

That demo is too old. Have you tried glide?