Cobra II won't update

So my Cobra II is stuck in GHI Bootloader Interface mode after trying to update to 4.3.

I’ve used TeraTerm to reload 4.2 firmware and it still comes back in bootloader mode. If I do “R” in TeraTerm to run it comes back with “Bad Firmware”.

YES I did select 1K when uploading.

YES I have tried loading the 4.3 firmware instead.


Son of a #$@ #. Just read the release notes. I don’t actually have a single machine that ISN’T windows 8. Good luck to me updating my loader.

Found an old XP laptop. And of course the drivers won’t load on that.

What is there, like a single version of windows in which you can actually set the flipping loader?!

Plans to fix this?

Are you having a discussion by yourself? :slight_smile:

Your problem is probably not what you saw in the release notes. If you can open a terminal and send a command then you can update your loader.

My guess is the terra term version. Try the one from our website, or use fez config.

I’ve used both. :frowning:

I’ve redownloaded the latest builds.

I’ve done everything I can think of.

Heck, I’m even in the process of backing up my laptop so I can blast it back to Vista or 7.

Here’s what I have.

  1. Updated Raptor. Firmware looks good but it takes so long to connect after a reboot it refuses to take applications.

  2. Updated Hydra with Update.bat. Shows as Hydra but will not respond to Pings.

  3. Updated G120 using TeraTerm version on your site. Transfers the file fine. Shows up and won’t respond to pings. If you use the R key in TeraTerm it reports “Bad Firmware”.

I have 3 devices here and they all do nothing now. I have others that I could test, but it seems rather pointless.

Are you sure not the usb driver is three problem? Maybe somehow is corrupt our you are using the old ones before winusb.

I have updated mine Cobra II on Windows 8 with no issues at all.

@ Architect - if the usb driver loads and you see a virtual COM port then you should have no issues at all. Not all devices have this problem.

So I’ve managed to sort the Hydra out and USB update addressed the Raptor…

But Cobra II is still dead in the water. After several attempts, I have gotten a critical SDRAM issue reported via TeraTerm. I managed to get the Cobra 2 to take the firmware once but upon reboot it completely fails again. :frowning:

@ Skewworks - What is the exact error string Tera Term shows for the SDRAM?

So I’m really trying to get this up and running to help me with some more drivers (like WiFi for example).

I hit the PC ready to rock this out today.

Part One
I plugged in the Cobra II and the Gods smiled down upon me as it reported it had a firmware but was in bootloader mode. (img 1)

So I deployed the firmware. (img 2)

Everything went perfect, oh happy day! But wait…

I deployed an app, and that also went swimmingly. So I unconnected my CobraII slapped on the VideoOut module and an SD card with the driver and plugged it back in.


Right. Lets do this again.

Upload tinybooter (img 3)

Everything has gone well. (img 4)

Device disconnected sound…nothing…nothing…nothing…reboot…nothing…nothing…GHI BOOTLOADER INTERFACE.

One more time. This time, we’ve disconnected the VideoOut and removed the SD card. (You never know, right?)

V - 1.01
E - You sure?
Y - Done.
X - Successful!
R - Bad firmware.

I think I’m going to curl up into a ball now. :wall:

can you try to use MFDeploy and clear the boot loader flag… it’s under Menu>>Plug0in>>Debug>>Clear BootLoader Flag… maybe that’ll help.


What type of serial device are you using with Teraterm?

I’ve found that a native RS232 port is the ideal type but USB - RS232 can work but you need to find an FTDI based one. The PL23xx based ones seem to fail for me and you must not connect through a HUB either.