Cobra II Wifi used as a hotspot?

I tried to find this question elsewhere on the forum but so far haven’t found an answer to my question.

What prevents the Cobra II’s wifi module from functioning like the WiFi RN171 Module?
-Is it just a matter of programming or is there something that precludes this completely?


@ JustinKScott - You are right. It is just a matter of programming. RedPine, the maker of the WiFi module which is used on the Cobra II, has not programmed access point capabilities into the module.

@ JustinKScott - the WiFi module on the cobra II can be used in AD-Hoc mode.

Thanks guys,

Is this something that has been done before and/or is available to be done at the C# layer?
Or does it require changing the underlying firmware?

Finally, does anyone know of an example to get me started, and/or any tidbit which would point me in the right direction?


@ JustinKScott - adhoc can be set from managed code. no low level magic :slight_smile: see the SDK doc WiFiRS9110…::…StartAdHocHost Method