Cobra II Wifi NETMF 4.2 - networking seems slow and unstable

Hmm, have had my Cobra II Wifi working really well at times, and then not a other times. There is something rotten in my system setup somewhere…

Browsing this forum, it seems that there is major changes coming in 4.3 on this, and that other people are having challenges getting a smooth wifi network operation.

What is the general advice here? Should I wait for the 4.3 update, or should I go into some serious debugging to try and find alternative code-pieces that works?

I would hate to deploy another Electric Imp to get a stable wifi connection again.

Do you have enough signal from your router? I know from practice that problems arrive with WiFi if signal is low. Currently i don’t see problems in the field with wifi / g120 and netmf 4.2

I cannot find any documentation on how to update the firmware, I am suspecting something wrong with my firmware…

I have seen some people calling wifi.UpdateFirmware() but I cannot find it in the documentation…



@ njbuch - The method should be available, not sure why it wouldn’t be showing up. There is an issue that has been mentioned on the forum, but that is the method fails. We are looking into the latter issue currently.

Ok, could you inform us about the most recent version number?