Cobra II + USB Host + 4v3 Beta R3 SDK - None working example

last time I realize a gate system with the Cobra II System.
I used a SD - Card and a Uart. All works fine.

But this time I’m a little bit confused. Everthing was changed.
The Assemblies names are changed. The whole system has been changed.
Why changing the tree system of your premium code.
It’s very hard to handle the documents, the SDK and the examples.
Maybe it was fine to have a pull down menue with the premium version.
and then you get the example code of your topic.

And there is NO WORKING example for a USB Host system for the newest release…

I want to use a USB memory for reading and storing data.

Can someone post me an working example for this case.

And please don’t post me this site - or the link to the API or the NET Reference.

The Code on this side doesn’t work with the actual version

Maybe I can have the Testcode. I hope you have a system for testing your premium software.

to all people - have a nice day.


Hi ivhholzer. Welcome to the forum. It’s obvious you have experience and you’re doing great commercial things with the tools.

First thing I would say in defence of GHI is that this is a BETA and you as a commercial user are not the target audience for that. You should stay with 4.2 which is stable and capable.

When the SDK comes out of beta, you’ll see documentation being updated for 4.3. Until that time, there are several beta threads that talk about how to get some of the features working, as well as many threads here that talk about the namespace changes because GHI have decided to simplify the product line and get rid of the Premium/OSHW distinction.

So I’d suggest taking your time, and working it out from the info that’s already shared - and if that’s not something you want to spend time on, jump back over to 4.2.

We agree it is confusing. We are in the middle of the transition.

The g120 manual is updated with 4.3 examples. The documentation is under change and should be all changed by the end of next week. You will see them here when updated

Please stay tuned for am announcement of the non beta software combined with updated documentation.

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