Cobra II to the product comparison page, please

Either add the Cobra II specs or update the Cobra NRND specs.


It is on the list, thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

Can you please elaborate what you are missing? Other than a stale link to the G120 product brochure, the introduction in the Cobra II seems to contains links to information equivalent to that found for the old (discontinued) product.

See the comparison page not the product page please.

This page:

Does not contain the Cobra II specs, making it really difficult for me to compare the boards, and find which one matches a given product the most.

You could also add launch date, intended type of work, speed comparisons and NOT THE LEAST: Power consumption PLEASE!

Thanks for your great work!

I know this is not first on “your list”, but when you get to this task, you might consider looking at the meta-data Mouser has for your products. Compared to Arduino, Beagle and other interesting development boards, GHI stand out in an unfair comparison. See attachment…

This is the list of “development boards”… :frowning:

Sorry for the late response but we started working on adding product specs last week. We should have most of them done this week and next :slight_smile:

You are really doing a good job updating your homepage and all.

But you still forget forgot the product comparison page.

For new people coming into this universe, this page is very powerful, but NOT UPDATED!

Remove it, or update it!

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It needs to be automated. So you don’t have to work on it every time there is a new board.

That is a brilliant idea, and please add as many specs as possible, although they dont necessarily compare at all.

Again, to repeat myself. Choosing your first board is the most difficult decision, and to get more people into this, requires a simple guide.

Even add a selection guide if you have resources.

This is at the top of the list now. Have you seen the changes happening now?

Great, and yes I have seen that you are working hard. It looks like you have something interesting to tell us about Microsoft? Are they soon pushing some more NetMF stuff or any other strategic hints?