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Cobra II start


I try to use my Cobra II, but having a few starting problems.
[ol]First, the device is not found in Windows devices and printers. I try different USB ports. I add extra power with 12V adapter.
I don’t know how to update drivers. I have installed latest (18.2) drivers. It is so easy with Spider. Just clicking next. :)[/ol]


I found EMX Updater. I think it will solve all my problems. :slight_smile: My Wife said I need to go out (it’s sunny here).
Will be back.


Maybe this helps :


It looks like a nice program. But I am having problems. My windows Devices and printers found G120. But I don’t have any devices under Device Manager - Ports. Step 3 shows me that I should have under ports GHI Boot Loader Interface (COMxx).

I think there is a problem in step 1. I should set some pins to the ground and then to high. But the picture shows only for G120 module. What do I need to do in Cobra II?


Found it. :slight_smile: Some jumper would be nice.


Hi Makla


O, just now found buttons.
I knew that when this horror will be over, I will laugh. :slight_smile: laughing know

Edit: thanks, I already discover them.