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Cobra II posting to an azure web service


Can you guys see this site? I think I’ve got the security right for anonymous viewing.

I’ve got a solar powered waterproof enclosure with a Panda (the original is still crankin’ :)) hooked to a DS18B20 and an S1 XBee next to my pool. On the receiving end is a Cobra II with S1 XBee and WiFi that is posting to a RESTful Azure web service.

You can watch the pool temperature rise throughout the day (if you’re really bored). Time is UTC on the graph and we’re -4 offset (EDT). Supposed to be in the 80s today with clear skies, so the pool temp should hit the mid 70s.

I’ve mentioned in a couple other posts that I’ll put up the code here. I’m getting closer to that, but it’s still alpha. I do have it on TFS VS online and can add a read-only user there if you are desperate to take a peek.

Pictures later today.


@ ransomhall - Yes its visible !


The first day of recording went fine with the expected gradual increase in temp. Sunday brought some odd data with two quick jumps in temp, which are reflective of something not right with the Cobra2. It seemed to get “stuck”. Restarting it twice in one day does not make for a happy tester ???