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Cobra II pins



Can some one explain the acronyms with regards to the pins. For example the pins down the side if the cobra board which are analog … AD? Which are digital?



Not sure if I fully understand your question. Bui if you ask wich Pins you can use as digital in or Output Pins, then the answer is: Most of them.
Only a verry fiew (like SPI2 on G120) can not be used as digital in/out.
This is why they are named GPIO (GeneralPurposeIO)


I intend to solder to the pins … The etching shows symbols such as AD …what does this mean?


here’s an example pin from the silkscreen on the back of a Cobra2…


This is the “regular” pin number along with secondary pin numbering/secondary function information (and may include multiple secondary functions).

Basically, the first pin number is the “raw” pin name for using it as a GPIO, for example you can look in the processor datasheet and see P0.13 nomenclature. AD7 is the secondary function, in this case AD == Analog to Digital, so AD7 is the 7th ADC input. If you go to the (preliminary) G120 manual you’ll see table 3.1 lists the multiplexed functions in a little more detail.


That’s very helpful, thank you.