Cobra II NET SPI change

The on board Ethernet interface shares the same SPI port as the one at the X6 gadgeteer connector making X6 less usable. It sounds more logically to me to use SPI1 for Ethernet which is part of JP1.

how is it less Usable?

If the module connected to X6 uses all bandwidth of the SPI port, there’s not (much) time left for ethernet or vice versa. Its more likely that gadgeteer users like to use X6 instead of soldering to JP1 if they need a dedicated SPI port

Due to the nature of NETMF, this will not be the case. Internal SPI calls are blocking, whether you are using the same or a different bus.

well… i need to think about that, but try to stream a 44Khz WAV file to the music module over X6 and it won’t play without interrupts.

You will get the same results using either channel.

this is a patched board and now plays the music smooth… but it was just a suggestion :slight_smile:

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@ andre.m - No i don’t think so :naughty: :wink:

I am thinking the problem maybe in the use of chip select. For example, the ENC28 driver will be using the bus and any other devices are required to use chip select for any communication and chip select must be used within the config of any spi device so there is no conflict.