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Cobra II Just Curious about my new toy


I assume that Cobra II is considered a Gadgeteer…

This is not that important but I HAD to ask. just the way I am… Sorry

Cobra II first attachment to my PC

LCD Messages

Test SD failed

I installed a FAT 32 16GB Sandisk SD

Test USB failed (USB Host)
(Not USB Client I can ping using MFDeploy4.2)

I installed a sandisk cruzer 8 GB (What I had handy)

WiFi firmware update was successful
Searching for networks…Found two networks!

I have no application of mine downloaded.
Fresh out of the box Cobra II…

LED1 blinking quickly…

What is the logic?
I realize that it is just a test but why do I need the other
devices loaded before it continues to WiFi?

Is this a pre loaded application or just part of the boot loading code?

I hate to be in mental darkness about little things like this.
… But that is just me.

Is there a generalized application for Cobar II using .netmf 4.2?


Edit: I forgot to ask.

Not that it is really needed but why no visual designer MS visual studio?


The stuff you are seeing is the internal testing application we use to make sure the product has no manufacturing defects before we ship it.


@ Steven -

Thank You for the reply.