Cobra II HttpWebRequest freeze when debugging (wireless, GetResponse)

I am using wifi on board, static IP, static DNS. Nothing is different when using dynamic IP/DNS. (I get IP when using dhcp).
The problem is, that this code always freeze when I debug program. If I reset Cobra II, I get response (Time from local PHP). My URL is: “

_request = (HttpWebRequest)HttpWebRequest.Create(url);
_request.Method = "GET";
_request.Timeout = 30 * 1000;
response = _request.GetResponse();   //here the program freeze when debugging

You just run it under the debugger and it is freezes. You are not stepping through or have any breakpoints, right?

Both ways freeze. Stepping over the code or just run it.
I tried 10 times today. When debugging it freeze. When not, it works.
My php code is (just in case):

	echo date("Y-m-d H:i:s");

@ Makla - it seems that your code can’t reach the server… set the timeout… like request.ReadWriteTimeout = 5000;

This is not a solution.The code must reach server when I debug the program. I must get data from server to debug what I actually want.

That also does not explain why is working when it is not in debug mode.

… and use netmon to watch the network packet exchange to confirm what gets onto the network and if it looks like a valid request

I installed netmon.
Appache server log did log access when debugging.
When I clicked reset, a line is added to access log: - - [09/Mar/2013:09:19:47 +0100] “GET /Process/Microcontroler/GetDateTime.php HTTP/1.1” 200 19

The Microsoft Network monitor also did not cache any request when debugging. When I clicked reset:
138 9:19:47 9.3.2013 143.3757138 ARP ARP:Response, at 00-23-A7-1F-9D-B1
135 9:19:47 9.3.2013 143.3105195 IGMP IGMP:IGMPv2 Membership Report {IPv4:17}

I would say expected behaviour.

@ Makla - Did you install the hotfix for WiFI?

I read about update, but didn’t think it will fix anything, because nobody mention any similar problems.
The description said:

[quote]We believe that we have finally solved the DCHP/Socket creation error with G120.
We have corrected the issue with sending and receiving data over serial simultaneously. [/quote]
Nothing describes my problem.