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Cobra II - Gadgeteer project, but want to use non gadgeteer serial IO


Hello forum friends,

I bought a FEZ Cobra II Eco and built a first Gadgeteer project to write text to a 16x2 character display. It works as it should.

I spent the last few hours trying to find a code snippet to use COM2 on pins P0.16 and P2.0 , but no success.

I do not see any info on serial IO in this document:

I am currently using the 4.2 libraries. Should I use 4.3 ?

Can anyone share how to use the Fez Cobra II Eco comm2 port without gadgeeting ?

Thanks much,
Larry Scott


it’s pretty easy really - just define a new serial port using COM2 and you’re done. is the docs page but I don’t know how accurate it is for 4.2 (or 4.3) but that’s a pretty core function and I doubt it has changed.

Whether you do this in a Gadgeteer app or not is pretty much irrelevant - just make sure your SerialPort object is outside the ProgramStarted() method and you should be fine.


Thanks guys, always happens that I find what I am looking for immediately after posting.

I switched to the 4.3 libraries and found the serial port in

sorry for the forum clutter…


Thanks Brett…