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Cobra II: analog pins & touchscreen


Since the first 3 analog pins are routed to the same socket as the touchscreen I, does that mean there is no way to use them? (Since I have a CP7 attached)


Why can’t you? These pins are GPIO as well, not just touch.


With the touchscreen plugged in, how do I get access to them? I didn’t see them on the hole-throughs.


But you are using CP7 which does not use touch but uses i2c.


I’m confused. So I’m looking at the back of my cobra II:

Where to I wire up for Analog_0?


Oh I see now. There is only one I type socket which is also analog. You can use cobra extender board or write things using breakout module or directly. Use the extender board as a reference.


I guess I understand. I’ll get a break out module and I’m sure figure it out from there.

Which pins are used by the I socket?