Cobra Extender schematics and pcb layout files?

Hi again

I am starting to dream about creating my own extender board for Cobra II (eco).

Are the files for the old extender board open source. Not at it would be really hard to re-work from the hardware, but you know… :whistle:

@ njbuch -, click on the Resources tab and you should be all set.

@ Gary - Thanks, I was just hoping to get something I could import into KiCad or DIPtrace…

@ njbuch - you might be able to import them, having not used those particular programs I am not sure of what file type you can import. With being said, you might be able to use Eagle and export them into a specific type for other programs.

@ Gary - The resources only have the schematics in PDF. Do you have Eagle files that you can share?

@ Architect @ njbuch - I happen to know a few people at GHI, let me see what I can get for you Niels.

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Here’s a funny one - my dog chewed up my extender board, plus two relay modules. Fortunately, she did not ingest them. That’s what I get for leaving a box of electronics on the floor :wall:

The relays were replaceable, but obviously not the extender, so…

I’m also interested in designing a custom version of the extender. Maybe we can collaborate and come up with a couple flavors from a base (re)design?

My damage is normally from my little princess drawing on my desk and spilling whatever she happens to be drinking.

@ njbuch @ ransomhall -


Thanks Gary!

@ Gary - Thanks, working great. Also for import in Diptrace !! :smiley:

@ njbuch - Awesome and you are more than welcome. As always if you end up with something cool, please share. ;D