Cobra (EMX) ParallelPort

I need to read 20 bits in parallel using a Cobra board.
Doing individual pins is mind numbingly slow.
I tried using a couple ParallelPort class instances, but it doesn’t seem any faster.

Is there specific sets of pins that will work faster with the ParallelPort class on the Cobra? The docs mention that certain pins are faster with the USBizi

Failing that, is there example code somewhere showing how to do this with a Register class???


RLP will be the right answer fro this.

I was afraid you’d say that!

Someone else said same thing about 2 days ago but then loved it :slight_smile: RLP can be scary but once you try it you will quickly love it, i hope :slight_smile:

Once you have the gcc toolchain set-up; you can create elf files faster than a baker bakes his bread :smiley:

Or use Keil tool. We already explain how on wiki.

I remember that I got started with the tutorial by Timothy Parez :