Cobra Case Mod

Some peoples discussing about the way to solve the problem on the reset button,
I thought about how to solve the problem on my Cobra too.

While I am working on my solution this morning, and got my reset button installed.
I was thinking about some other components that I want to install inside the case.
So I can do all the work once and for all.
Below is the images of my MOD Cobra case.

I’m only at half way point, since I have not soldered the connection yet!
Just want to show off, what I have done to my Cobra so far.

Good post… I wonder what “Mysterious buttons”" whhhooooh!! are…

My enclosure is made from trunking, you know the ones for electrical cabling… Looks pretty good

Cheers Ian

Great example on how you can customize the enclosure to fit your needs


Would you mind post the picture of yours?

Three mysterious buttons will be revealed, when I finish everything! :wink:



I have two cobra’s one in a show and tell box

One in my little mess about box.

Cheers Ian


Excellent! I like both of them.

The first one in the box is neat. Look like a commercial product.

The second on have a simple and sincere personality.
I like the way you added the breadboard to the second one.

Aren’t you feel good to own two Cobras? :wink:

I design safe Load Indicators for the mobile crane industry… In America it’s not a legal requirement (yet)! But everywhere else you have to have them fitted by law…

The boxed one has been accepted, by a crane manufacturer, and will be going out into the world very shortly. I am going to buy the big brother chipworkX so I can get smooth video aswell.

Cheers Ian

Both awesome work!
Ian, you have made a great product there! :o