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Cobra and 7 inch screen gets HOT



Just powered up a brand new cobra with 7 inch TFT.

I managed to MFDeploy the latest code, then built the Graphics demo (7 inch) and deployed that.

The screen remains blank, and I noticed after a while that the edge was getting VERY hot!!. This is the brown ribbon and surrounding screen area.

To get this far - I have done as advised and connected a 5 V regulated power supply with a link between Vin 6V and 5V In/Out - as I didn’t have a 6V power supply with enough power :-O.

Apart from that - its straight out of the box (bought in the UK not direct).

All I did was to screw the Cobra onto the back of the LCD, and connect the flat cable - yes its connected correctly.

Any ideas please ???. Looks like a duff display to me :-O.




Is the back light on? If not, then you might have connected the cable backwards and this mostly damages the display.
Are you following the directions in the brochure:


Joe is right… Recheck the cable orientation. I have the same problem with the display getting hot and the Cobra not booting with the display attached. The cable was oriented wrong and sadly the display backlight driver was fried.

The end going into the cobra should have the black side up and the pin side down. The end connecting to the display should be pin side up, black side down.

Good luck.



Sorry for the delay :open_mouth: - I didn’t get a notification of reply :-((.

Yup - looks like I connected the cable wrong !!.

This is NOT a good design feature !! - to connect the cable one way in one connector, and the other way in the second is counter-intuitive.

I remember reading the warning, but by the time the display arrived - I re-read the instructions on the cable connector and NOT the warning about cable reversal.

So - I guess my display is fried then :-O. The Graphics demo app runs, and I can see touch events - although they are limited to about 360 x 253 at the bottom right of the display ???.

Screen is BLANK !!, no backlight - nada !!

Is this likely to have damaged the Cobra board as well ???.

Is the TFT repairable ???