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Cobra 4.3 Display after Firmware update



yesterday my Cobra kit arrived and first i brought it to the new firmware. All no problem.
But after the update the resolution ist changed to 320 x 240 and the touch calibration is lost.
I have search the forum and the wiki but i found no solution to easy recalibrate the touch unit.
Only for the change of the resolution i found some code.

Is there i easy way to put all in the right after firmware updates ?



Did you try configure LCD again? Like you must it first time(timings, resolution, calibration…)?


That’ll happen firmware resets to 320x240. Store everything in EWR and verify on reboot. Pyxis has code to handle it if you want to take a look.


Ah Ok thanks , i thougt there is an easy way to do this, because everybody have to recalibrate this after firmware updates. So i have a look at Pyxis, anywhere a nice project :slight_smile:



I linked to this in a response to you in another thread. This version has the ability to save the touch calibration data and restore it (but not across firmware flashes):