Cobra 3D Model

Before I model the board I have…has anyone done this and would be willing to share a STEP, IGES or other 3D format?

Thanks -AP

I saw a domino on Sketchup other day. I was thinking Sketchup 3D library would be as good a place as any to store all fez boards. Also large reach and compat.

+1 for the sketchup drawings.

There are some vector graphics around (made by sam), but no 3d model as fas as I know.


Here is how to do it from Eagle,
and then build the 3D model using 3D modeling program like 3DStudio MAX,… etc.

From Eagle:
write out Gerber files, same way you’re going to make your PCB:

use this free Viewplot: The Gerber viewer, Editor & Converter

to load & view all the Gerber Files above at the same time

Then, export the file to DXF format (File->Export->DXF)

Load the DXF file to CAD program or 3D modeling program
Build 3D model from 2D DXF file.

Then export to
even Adobe Illustrator IA format

And if you want to do this with SketchUp,
here is the info of SketchUp
Google SketchUp

I don’t have eagle. Anyone mind converting it and posting the file? I can do the rest.

Eagle is free. If you ever need it:

I guess I looked too quickly…I saw the pricing page and skipped over the light version. Thanks!