Cobra 2 hole spacing

I am just looking at a project that will use the Cobra 2 board along with a custom board that will sit underneath this.

I have a small query on the mounting holes.

Looking at drawing for the Cobra 2, it states that the holes are on the standard 5mm grid, yet the dimensions shown on the drawing are not going to match up too well with that size grid.

When I measure the dimensions from the Step file they match the drawing.

I just wanted to check that they are indeed as the drawing, before I head off and start the design of the carrier PCB.

I don’t believe they’re on 5mm grid like Gadgeteer mainboards are. The location of the holes are as per original Cobra so the case matches…

Thanks Brett,

It’s not an issue for me as I will be making a custom enclosure but it was more to make people aware that it is not on the 5mm grid but I wanted to clarfiy just to make sure my enclosure and daughterboard all fit nicely together.

I’m backing the drawings… :slight_smile:

I’ll measure in real life in an hour or so

holes are approx. 3.6mm diameter. Roughly measured with digital callipers, the holes are 54.4mm outer edge to outer edge on the short direction, and 105.3mm outer edge to outer edge. So that means they are roughly 50.8mm and 101.7mm from centre to centre… what did you get from the diagrams? (ie I would almost call that “close enough” to the 5mm grid - surprised me, but the G400HDR was the thing that I now recall not being on those centres)

The note at the bottom of this page is wrong, a copy/paste error from the Gadgeteer pages. We will fix and add the hole size on the drawing

This will be fixed first thing tomorrow.