"CLR_E_OUT_OF_Range" in MMP file

I get this error while compiling:

“CLR_E_OUT_OF_Range” in MMP file

Project cannot be compiled… it have worked fine, and out of no ware I got this error.
There is no syntax errors.

I have tried to make a new project and copy the code - same thing.

A littlebit more details would help to understand what might be going wrong (post your code)

I was just writing code and pressed F6 compile on the go - no problems.

They I made a new simple if statement… then I got the Error.

I found on the net, and example with a file that was OK with,

int iva = 44;

But changed to

int iva = 445;

Caused same error.

It seems like a kind of limitation…

MMP should be a Meta Data Processor…

I tried to move code to another file - did not help.

But, enabling “Optimize Code” under “Build” in the “Project Properties” made the Error Message go…