CLR_E_OUT_OF_RANGE compile-time error: code too big?

Wtf?.. I add a few extra lines (totally normal lines, not some magic spells) and I can’t compile my code anymore! Am I hitting some hardcoded limits?..

(if I remove the lines, code compiles).

Oh, and it works under Release configuration. If there are any code size limits, I’d like to know!..

The max heap single allocation about 700k. Which also means your assemblies must be less than 700k each.

I think this is what you are seeing.

Ummmm… This is a compile-time error, does heap come into play already?..

Also, the largest .pe file is ~140kB is size (all of them summing to something ~280k).

That is an old error that pops up here and there from time to time in different situations.

Unfortunately, all the underlying links are broken :frowning: I can only [em]assume [/em]splitting assemblies will help. So annoying :frowning:

I worked around this one by breaking up my main into different projects.

Splitting a project that is not supposed to split is such a awkward idea :frowning: I wonder if those hard limitations are still relevant these days…

Basically, there are different limits that you can run into that will report that same error.

Found the info for one of the broken links:

Nice explained indeed…

[quote]…This tells a bit more about the specific limit that has been reached. In
this case, a single assembly is limited to 65Kb of MSIL. …[/quote]

And this make sense after reading this…

[quote]Unfortunately, this is currently a hard limit within the MicroFramework.
Fortunately, there is a workaround for this. It is necessary simply to
break up the application into separate assemblies…


Makes sense, yes, until my app come into scene :slight_smile: Which is simply not suitable for artificial splitting :wall: It is just as big as a mountain…