Hi everyone,

My company has developped a custom board to enhance security of multihull. After 5 years, we have about 50 devices installed on boats all over the world. The main challenge now for us is to upgrade the products to enhance behaviour and reliability. This process is not easy, while we are using IFU there’s tons of things to take care. Indeed SDK are not the same (the bootloader sometimes also), user settings and so on. My question is: is there a way to clone the app.hex file and the Config and firmware file from the application it self? the idea is to be abble to duplicate the current configuration of a customer and check if the upgrade is possible or not at the office.

It may be best to contact us directly and we will see what we can do to help

I Echo the request if possible, except with g400’s. The difference is I’ve an Esp wireless module (so second processor), SD card (and multiplexing ability), and ability to upload hex / binary files via the internet.

The thought is complete remote upgrades, without needing a laptop.

@ leforban - I spent a large fraction of my youth and early so-called “adult” years racing sailboats, big and small. I haven’t really done any serious racing for a long time but when I do catch a glimpse of what’s going on now a days, I’m astounded by the level of technology. The last America’s cup was amazing. Can you share what company you work for?