Clear Silicone Resin

Might any of you who have played with those led strips that are sealed with some sort of clear & soft resin, know what it actually is called and where to get it ?

What the silicone resin?

This is the closest thing I could think of.

You can always use clear silicone caulk similar to this:

Thanks guys but I am looking for the same stuff that is used on the LED strips. It’s PCB approved, and you can pour it into a mold.

I don’t know what specific product you are referring to but if you google “LED encapsulant” or “LED clear potting compound” you’ll find a bunch of products. You already get that you need a product that is designed for electronics but don’t forget you’ll need something that can also deal with the thermal issues. You also may have to choose between epoxy which is harder and generally stronger and polyurethane which is softer.

Here’s a couple of quick finds

MG Chemicals and Dow Corning are reputable manufacturers.