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Circuit simulator app


What’s the best free or reasonable (<$50) circuit simulator application available? I’ve started using CircuitLogix (free student ed) by picking it “out of a hat”. Thought you guys might have some opinions on the good, the bad, and the ugly to share.


I used PSPICE back in school (19 yrs ago…) and it was very nice. I haven’t used it since but I do see that there is a student edition available for free. Let me know how it goes.


Have you ever looked at iCircuit? Only available for Mac and mobile, but it looks decent. (Written in .NET/Mono by the way)

(I have never tried it)


How about LTSpice?

Sure, it’s aimed at Linear Tech, but it works just as well for other circuits…


Livewire, Used it many moons ago. Do not know anything about where they are at nowadays.


Have you seen this one?


I have seen that one, too bad it’s only available with internet.


Another promising opensource project :
(but did not try myself, just read an article about it)


Looks very interesting, thanks!


Just saw this… Now I really want an iPad.


@ ianlee: too bad it looks like a Windows 3.1 application :slight_smile:


Uh… You mean it looks like a Mac application… :wink:


Here’s another one.


if you have ian iPad then this looks interesting


@ Hugh - unfortunately, I do not :frowning: I almost won one at work this week. My ticket was off by +1! Story of my life… :wink:


@ ian
Now that just sucks! +1 its like dripping lemon juice into a paper cut :o
The only thing putting me off this app so far is a general lack of components. I will probably get it anyway as i think it will be usefull as a learnign app anyway.

I finally managed to get my ID-12 rfid reader working and triggering different mp3 playback throught the fez music shield. Next step is to move it to gadgeteer and design a module for the RFID.


Cool. I look forward to seeing your module.