Circuit board manufacturing

I have a custom layer stack for my circuit board, so far cannot find any Circuit board manufacturer who can make my board, anyone can suggest an circuit board manufacturing?
Thanks, Hamed


OSHPark and DFRobot are 2 of the ones that are regularly used by forum members.

Additionally, GHI has a new service:

@ hamed - Welcome to the forums.

I think folks might need a bit more detail to offer specific advice. Also, posts not relating directly to development with GHI’s boards and modules are probably better suited for the Off Topic forum.

If you’ve already contacted PCB manufacturers and asked if they can handle a custom layering, it may be that your only option is to redesign your board.

That said, I’m at best a newb when it comes to PCBs, and have only designed two boards of my own, both 2-layer. So perhaps there is a manufacturer that others are aware of that can handle your needs.

If someone can do it, it must be pcb basket, order with them

I suspect that was a commercial post. If you would like to contribute, please be open about affiliations. If you’re just a regular user of their service, explain why someone else would want to use them


@ sahand - way to be subtle
also where’s the part where it says “now with 5 easy payments”?

@ Brett - That’s a spam. I do not think twice when I see URL within the first user’s post that is in the old thread and press the Spam button.

@ iamin - That was my first intention, but he did register few months back, so I gave him a benefit of a doubt.

Both the original poster (hamed) and the recent poster (sahand) both registered on the same day. Coincidence? :think:

@ Mike - Coincidence? - Of course!..

The first post was already fishy…

EDIT: A guy has a “custom layer stack” that no one can manufacture, that is serious, man.

Especially the all bolded text. This is all a plan but we are having fun playing CIA here so why not :slight_smile:

Oh, I haven’t even looked at the OP user profile.

@ iamin - The layer count is OVER NINE THOUSAND
or hes making a computer encased on solid pcb.

On another note, could we encase a cerbuino board in solid amber, and have it still function? Assuming it has all the ports exposed to some degree guys…

This is a difficult question to answer. You would have to first incase the board in sticky resin from an extinct tree, and subject it to 40-60 million years of heat and pressure. I suspect this might be beyond your project horizon. :smiley:

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@ Brett - why should I advertise?! I am their regular customer. I just suggested him to go and check the pcbbasket. if you know someone or someone you should introduce it to help this guy to find his answer.

@ sahand - I do not understand the requirements of the original poster. Could you please explain what she is looking for?