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Chumby Guts loaded with MF


I have Chumby guts laying around. I am thinking about porting MF for it and may be loading it with Pyxis OS 2.0

Any thoughts, advises?



I like that ARM9 proc. Looks like a reasonable porting target.


“Written in .NET MicroFramework and run on ARM processors with the .NET MicroFramework”

hmm. So if it is written in MF and run by MF, then its not really an OS as such. More like a shell. Either way, looks like a cool app/shell. Wonder how much ram that uses.


Easy to test if you have Cobra (I don’t). Just get Pyxis source compile and load :wink:


Pyxis is sorto f a cross between an OS and an application. On the one hand, it doesn’t go anywhere near low level, on the other, it DOES manage other applications running inside of it.


Yes, the technical term for Pyxis is OE (Operating Environment). Version 1 was a true OS since it was written low level and even instanced it’s own Virtual CPU.

It should do most things you want it to in it’s current state. Mind that it is BETA and there are changes in the works. We’ve sped up render time significantly; completely removed ALL traces of WPF, put apps in to their own AppDomains and a few other things as well.

Things are a bit crazy at the moment but as soon as it slows down the 2nd Beta (and possibly release candidate) will be made available.

Oh and Architect as I pointed out in the other thread; please feel free to send any feature requests along and I’ll do my best to work them into the next release if I haven’t already.


Great! Thank you. I didn’t realize that there is a Netby project. I was thinking about modifying the chumby guts I have,but it looks like you guys are far ahead of me. ;D


Yup Netby is being built on top of Pyxis 2.