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Christmas has come early!


I was trawling through eBay last week and came across this job lot of Gadgeteer bits:
22 x GPS
25 x Lightsense
25 x Accelerator
10 x Compass
10 x Gyro
23 x music
9 x Micro SD
9 x Barometer
13 x XBee adapter
10 x Camera

and …

25 FEZ Spider Motherboard!!!

I managed to win the auction with a bid of £34 ($55 USD)!

The package arrived today so needless to say that I’m one very happy bunny!! :dance: :open_mouth:


That’s the deal of the century!

For what you paid for the lot, you could buy 1 Spider.


WOW, good job!


Believe me when I say that my grin at the moment is bigger than my avatar!

I honestly thought that this was going to be one of those purchases that became ‘lost in the post’.


Hard to even believe…


That would be a massive score and frankly I’m pretty green with envy.


@ Sprigo - We are now expecting posts documenting your projects :wink:


That’s insane… Sounds like it must have been an educational facility that got on the Gadgeteer bandwagon then jumped off. That sounds like a classroom full of hardware. I too am green with envy.


And the secretary selling it forgot a few zeroes…


Well I’m certainly not complaining. I just need to work out what project I am going to start on first.


Project “redistribute my spiders to mates from GHIs forum” :slight_smile:


After a reading this I decided to make inquires with some local colleges as too whether they would be able to make use of the modules that were surplus to my requirements and found one that jumped at the chance.

Seeing as I managed to pick up this kit at a ridiculous price I have therefore ‘donated’ all but 4 Spider’s to the next generation of Gadgeteers.


Long term investment :wink:


@ Sprigo - We are always interested in seeing what the different educational avenues are, if they are wiling to share what the build and teach we would love to hear about it.


@ Sprigo is awesome.


Yes that is a truly honourable donation !!