Christmas Father

@Greg_Norris: Good things come to those who wait for !

Even if parcel is always said to be in US, what I have found in my mailbox today ?

An evil teacher and two monkeys bring me a mini big dark development board, an mini mini board (without name, but I have been said that it can be a FEZ Pico :wink:), and a mini mini mini …mini board: a FEZ Flea !

My problem is: with which board I’ll begin to play ? Perhaps should I do an TinyClr OS application with my FEZ Duino to choose ?

Micropython or DUE ? I’m in a bad situation ! :joy:!
Some pictures:


Awesome, I was worried when tracking said it was still in transit.


What will be the expected availability date for tne usual distributor … mouser … ?


Mine must still be in transit. :thinking:

My reaction to the first photo : “Paint me like one of your French girls”