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ChipX MFdeply cannot extract hex file


Please do not tell I have messed up 4.0 and 4.1 But as far as I know I have not.

Would you please try extracting the hex file from the ChipX board.
I am using COM port and have been trying for 4 hours now

Every time it gets stuck. I have waitied for 15 minutes to extract it. Then I cancel it
The deploying of the ER_CONFIG, ER_FLASH works ok.


I have now installed everything on a fresh PC.

Hex file Extract with USB also failed


It is slow on ChipworkX and may take few minutes… But eventually it works fine. This is because MFDeploy examines every 128 bytes of memory and ChipworkX has a lot more memory I think…


Make sure you have updated both the TinyBooter and Firmware to the latest version, maybe this is why you having problems.


ok…finally I was able to download the hex file.

It took 30 minutes :frowning:

But deploying it again went fast like the EMX.

One thing I observed is EMX usually resets on it own after deployment. And you can ping it. But ChipX needed a reset.