ChipworkX with 5" LCD

Hi all,

I am looking at using the Newhaven 5" LCD with capacitive touch. The CP7 is too big for my existing enclosure.

How easy is it to modify the LCD driver to use this type of display?

The touch seems easy enough and I can use the software in the examples.


You only need to set some timing parameters.

Cheers Gus, I’ll go to the online shop and place an order for it now.


By the way, I assume the ChipworkX module is not going to be obsolete in the next few years as a minimum or at least a pin compatible replacement will be made available? The redesign of this 1 year old product is a right pain in the you know what.


If it is discontinued then there will be a drop in replacement for it.

Cheers. I have just ordered the dev kit. Once I have the prototype working I will order the modules.

Hi Gus,

I have just placed an order for some ChipworkX modules and I noticed that they are showing as not recommended for new designs?

Can I assume from your comment below that a replace is in the works? I really don’t want to have to restring this PCB again if there is no replacment :frowning:


Just sent you a private email that you will really enjoy :slight_smile:


Cheers Gus,

You guys are awesome! :slight_smile: