Chipworkx v1.5 unable to update firmware

I would like to use my chipworkx with newmf 4.2. I am unable to locate the chipworkx firmware updater. The RC2 8-24-2012 package installtion prompted me to update the firmware, but then could not find the chipworkxupdater.exe. Can you help?

There is no 4.2 support for Chipworkx.

In the future will support be added. I recently purchased a Cerbuino and plan to develop an xbee xifi app on the Cerbuino and the Chipworkx. I do not want to have two development machines. One using netmf 4.1 for Chipworkx and the Second using netmf 4.2 for Cerbunio. Can you offer a solution?

@ elissard - You can use both 4.1 and 4.2 on the same machine.

I would say the future would be a G120 based device rather than the Chipworkx.

4.2 will not be doe for chipworkx but you can use 4.1 and 4.2 on same machine as 4.2 SDK supports 4.1 (and even 4.0)

great news. I will give it a try.