ChipworkX UART clock frequency

Hey guys,
We try to perform UART communication between ChipworkX and other device with speeds above 230 kbps. Apparently, in these speeds the samplings appear to mismatch with the expected values. According to the datasheet of the Atmel, the baudrate can be defined as BR=MCK/(16*CD), where CD is intiger between 1 and 65535 (divisor). Though, we cannot find out what is the value for MCK. GHI, can you give me this small hint? Apparently MCK is a function of MAINCK and MAINCK is dependent on the crystal on the pcb (which is the 18.432 MHz or the 25.000 MHz one?)

And other, how will the D400 be regarding this? Did you also fix the HW handshake, which does not exist on the the ChipworkX?


If I remember correctly, the peripheral clock is half the CPU clock, so it is 100Mhz.