CHIPWORKX TouchScreen and Audio Extender

Hi All,

I’m thinking about a way to dissociate the Vidéo+Touch+Audio part of the Chipworkx to a more important length such as 5 meters… :think:

Looking for several options, the main goal for me would be to :

All of this seems to be possible on paper, but as I’m not sure of what Chipworkx can do or not, can you tell me if this is compliant with the actual firmware (mainly for the touch I guess), or if I’m currently thinking of mad things…

I also saw some interesting things on this post on FEZ Cobra, but they are dated…:

Any feedback would be interesting before I go fast in some tests… :wall:

We will be offering 7" display and VideoOut in near future. These will be in gadgeteer compatible but you can hack them into ChipworkX if you know what you are doing.

Goog news !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I will see then when it comes, if I can hack something…

Wiil you take profit to enable Capacitive touch or keep on resistive ?