Chipworkx & Phidget RFID

We have developed an application using P/N 1023 Phidget RFID module and we have been testing with this module using Chipworkx Development System vr 1.2. The performance has been very ramdom, sometimes RFID module is recognized but sometimes stops to work with no reason. I wonder if you have some tool for testing these kind of modules. I am trying to find out if problem is in Chipworkx Development System or if there is any problem with our software development. Tks!

How do we know it is not the RFID that is causing the problem? What does it emulate on USB?

Have you built a test app to run on your PC and used the Phidget with that?

I have tested the RFID module in my pc and works well. Problem happens when is plugged in Chx Development system usb port.


When I plug in usb memories in host ports, these are detected with no problem. As this RFID reader is not a storage device, it’s not detected by “GHI Graphical demo” application. I wonder if you have any tool that allows us to test this RFID with Cwx development system. Thanks for your support and any suggestion will be welcome!

There is no “RFID” USB class so what does your device emulates? keyboard? CDC? vendor specific?

Our development is for a control access system. RFID reader is plugged into a USB host port of Chx Development system and tested using our software development but here is where the problem appears because the behaviour of the system at this stage is very random, some times is detected but some times not. When I test the RFID reader directly from my PC it works properly. I’m trying to find out if problem is our software development or there is some problem with Chx developement system. Thanks again!

I’m sure you have your reasons as to why you want to use that RFID, but i was just kind of curious why would you take that route instead of using one of these easy, cheaper one here:

heck you could even take the gadgeteer RFID module that GHI Offers and make it work with the Chipworks.

I am afraid my question is not clear. I asked it twice :slight_smile:

When you plug it to your PC, what do you see under device manager? How do you access it on windows? I mean how do you read the RFID?

Yes… you are right. The main reason for using this was, when we started this development, we saw in this forum somebody working in an application with this Phidget reader using GHI development tools. I don’t now yet if this application worked or not. We have spent a lot of time developing this application and right now is working ramdom. I would really appreciate if somebody has had experience developing with these readers and how the results have been. Thanks!

and still no answer :S

Don’t wanna sound rude, but I’m sure Gus is not speaking Chinese here.

We would like to know how you RFID readers shows up in the device manager (right click your computer, click manage, click device manager)

Without you providing an answer to these question, we will not be able to help you out.

Really sorry if I misunderstood something. Using this procedure and works exactly as it is:


Attachment as device manager is showing up this reader. The another image is following the procedure found in web page sent before. Thanks!

I think only keyboard, mouse and joystick is supported when it comes to HID.

If you have a USB device you want to know what it enumerates on a GHI Premium board, then try this out:

It will show you all the endpoint info