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Chipworkx or EMX


Hi all,

Just want to say to all that I hope you have a great new year!!!

I have a question - I wanted to order the Chipworkx module but at the end decided on the EMX module, because of small things like ADC and DAC included on the EMX module… Only later saw there is no database support on EMX…

Now my question is this - did I make the wrong decision, as adding DAC, ADC probably would not be to difficult to the Chipworx module?

The module is for recreation only - mainly planning on motorised robotics - eg flying/driving/object detection/object avoidance… So am I going the be disappointed for ordering the EMX since is processing power is much less, or should it be able to handle some complex logic?

My knowledge of electronics is a bit limited, and maybe I am either underestimating or overestimating the units ability…

Thank you again for all the great support! And may you all have great fun (fun as in with your electronics skills - :)) this coming year!


Did you buy the Cobra, or an actual EMX module? Here’s the best reference (in my view) for what Cobra can do:

The scale of EMX to CWX is quite a large jump. But I’d suggest EMX would be fine unless you had your heart set on database, or you need the flexibility and speed that Chipworkx can bring.


I think you’ll find that the EMX is very powerful and easy to use. ChipworkX is a whole lot more powerful, but the EMX is still very very fast.


Thanks for the replies thus far - I see I was a bit unclear on exactly what I bought…

I bought the EMX development kit at the GHIELECTRONICS site, only saw the FEZ product (EMX FEZ Cobra) after I read your post… Obviously I am not the most observant… :smiley:

So basically I hope it can handle multi-threading sufficiently, and since I am only doing it as a hobby, I suppose a few ms delay would be ok… Hopefully…

I just don’t want to be too disappointed in not buying the ChipworkX Development module…

Thanks again!


EMX is very powerful (but it is not a PC) :slight_smile:

You can do threading, file system, display, graphics, networking, secure networking…probably anything you can think of.

Things it can’t do are video decoding…image processing…things that are extremely processing intensive. For those you need native assembly/c code…not fun!


Thanks Gus…

…what I thought of doing, is image capturing via the unit (Mobile EMX), and then send the image to a central actual computer, which will do eg facial recognition/object recognition and return a positive or negative answer to the mobile unit via any wireless technology that I can get to work…

The other task is - and this is my main concern - flying the EMX unit, with algorithm to determine height, speed and angle of tilt and rotation, and this all I wanted to do onboard - so I am affraid that this is where I might start losing out… Hopefully not…

Will starts simple and see how it goes though…


Image processing/algorithms need to be written in native code like I said in last post. You can do this using RLP on our devices. Still ChipworkX will be the right choice for that. You user interface/display/networking will be done in managed code, very easily. Then you need to add native libs that do the image processing through RLP.

We can upgrade you to ChipworkX if you like. EMX has RLP but is locked and only available to select commercial customers.


Thanks - see you say you can upgrade me to ChipworkX - not sure I follow as I already placed the order of the EMX and as far as I can see it is on FedEx already?

Am I missing something?

Can you explain more regarding RLP on the EMX please - if you don’t mind! Select customers - probably meaning not me… :smiley:


Yes, RLP means you need to use ChipworkX. Please see documentation for RLP explanation and demo. Of course this assumes you are experienced image processing developer and have no problem writing code that takes an image and work with it.

By upgrade I mean you can return EMX once you receive it and we will get you ChipworkX instead…if this is what you want.


Thanks - I will see when the EMX arrives what shipping will cost me additional to return the EMX and again ship the ChipworkX and make my decision then…

I am rather familiar with image processing as it is in my line of work… So I am not worried about that part and also not really interested in that part, more interested in getting the module to learn and react to certain situations/objects…

As far as RLPs goes I suppose then at the end I would need to return my EMX? I will work through the documentation and see - what a pity - I couldn’t wait for the unit to arrive…


There is a lot to do and to learn before you get to RLP or image processing. You will still have alot of fun and get all kind of things accomplished.

For example, you can connect an IP camera to EMX and get the image to the screen. or send it to a PC that does the image processing…


Thanks again - yes I believe by the time I understand a quarter of the EMX potential there will be some new great processor on replacing or improving the ChipworkX system…

For now I don’t see myself using RLP already, but I will see how things progress and what I want to achieve… As steted, step by step… So that is where I will begin, and first abuse my EMX, and maybe upgrade when I really have a bit of control…


This should get you exciting I hope :slight_smile:

See this video


Yes I saw it - can’t wait anymore - thought about calling FedEx and telling them to strap extra engines to the plane bringing my kit… ;D


Just received my device - :dance: - can’t wait to get going! THANKS!!!