ChipworkX layout

I like ChipworkX. I have researching similar units and I think ChipworkX is the best.

The only thing I would have changed about it, is the layout. Basically two main items (see the attached image):

  1. change orientation and location of the IO pin header
  2. move all top connectors to the bottom.

I always find it awkward to hold somethings with wires running from the top. If you hold unit vertically wires pull the top of the unit down. Moving connectors down will allow to move main header to the top and orient it horizontally. I would like to make a case for it where the header is exposed at the top,so I can mount custom designed modules - “add-ons” for the unit.

Moving screen a little bit higher will make it easier for people with big thumbs trying to press “left” button without interfering with the touch screen.

I don’t have the unit myself yet, so this is just my observations based on the product page.

Honestly, I like it the way it is. Connectors on the front of the board are a pet hate of mine, they just get in the way. Especally when they have to loop around to get to the outlet/enet sockets in the back of my desk.

Also, such a change would mean totally rerouting the board and a major design revision.

My take on a CWX redesign. Time to run some RLP games!

Both of your boards look like routing nightmares, Skew, yours especially :smiley:

Also, where did the IO pins go???

Obviously it has to have different routing, but why do you think it is a nightmare?
It is not that different from the current design.


My concept is a little bit more use specific than “zomg look at all the IOs”. Plus w/ 4 layer boards that routing should be plenty simple and there is left hand back room for PTH IOs.

Actually without the IOs routing the board should be simple.

@ Gus,

EXCELLENT! When can I expect delivery? ;D

4:26 PM :slight_smile:

My ChipworkX is here, YAY!

But not my modified version. Guess I should have made you specify 4:26 PM of what Day/Week/Month/Year. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lucky you!

Mine was supposed to ship today, but didn’t get any notifications yet.